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    joyce zhou Guest

    Is this cover letter and resume ok?

    Joyce Zhou
    6-601 420 Meizhou Road Shanghai 200090


    Mr. Phillip Wang
    Panasonic Appliance Shanghai LTD

    RE: Possible Employment

    Dear Mr. Phillip Wang:
    It was good talking with you again. As promised, I am enclosing a copy of my resume for your information. If any appropriate opportunities come to your attention, I would appreciate it if you would keep me in mind.

    I am looking for a logistics position. I have got the certificate about the logistics and have some practical experience. I am particularly interested in an equity position. As indicated in my resume, I am fluent in English and familiarity with Shanghai.

    After you have had chance to look over the resume, please give me a call. Maybe we can even plan to get together sometime soon. Thank you.

    Best to your all.

    Joyce Zhou

    This is the resume:

    Joyce Zhou
    6-601 420 Meizhou Road Shanghai 200090


    To obtain a responsible and challenging position in logistics where my education and work experience will be of value


    International Business and Trade
    SILC Institute
    Shanghai University Sep 2002

    Work Experience

    Sywg Stock Exchange July 2004
    Assistant Aug.2004

    Shanghai University Sept 2004
    Computer Laboratory Reception Present (part-time)

    Computer Skills

    Training in the following computer programs emphasizing the production of documents typically found in business and office applications:·Microsoft Word for Windows ·PPT ·Lotus 1-2-3 ·Access

    Language Skills



    First grade scholarship Sept.2003
    First grade scholarship Sept.2004

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    Dear Mr. Phillip Wang:

    Don't use first names when you use a title in the body of a letter:

    Dear Mr Chang,

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