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Thread: Meaning of "in"

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    Meaning of "in"

    The dictionary provides two meanings of in:

    1. during a period of time. 2. after a particular length of time.

    It seems that "in" has two different meanings. Like this sentence: Her husband ran away on him in two months. Which meaning should I use? after two months or in the period of two months? How can I tell the difference? THX

    One more question:
    I have no idea about the meaning of this sentence quoted from an English exercise book:

    Building codes keep such openings to a minimum

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    Re: Meaning of "in"

    In can be used for talking about periods of time and when something is going to happen after a known period of time from now.

    My birthday is in July.

    I'm starting my new job in six days time.

    In your example it should be something like "Her husband ran out on her after two months"

    As for your second question "Building codes" are rules about where and how buildings are constructed. For example the size of windows, how many storeys and things like that.

    I'm not sure exactly what "openings" are without the full context but they are something that rules have been written about.

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