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    Question standard language

    what is standard language and is there right or wrong the way of speaking

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    Re: standard language

    Quote Originally Posted by arthi View Post
    what is standard language and is there right or wrong the way of speaking
    A standard language, say Standard English is one which has been selected or has evolved out of various regional and social varieties to become the "norm" of official functions, such as law, government and education. It's usually the dialect of the elite, or the most prestigious dialect at the time of choosing. It becomes standardised by various forms of codification, such as in prescriptive dictionaries and grammars, or by mandate (such as French by the Acadamie Francais).
    No, there is no right or wrong way of speaking. It depends on the context. However, if you want to be understood by the widest variety of people, you use the standard language. For official usage, there are wrong ways of saying things, but in your own home you can communicate whichever way you like.

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