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    "would" In Conditional

    We Use "would" In Past Habitual Sentences. Like,

    Whenever I Went To Sea Side Area, I Would Often Swim.

    In Conditional Sentences, We Use "uesd To" , "past Form"

    Like, If I Had Day Off From Work, I Went To Play Football.
    If I Had Day Off Drom Work, I Used To Play Football.

    As These Two Are past Real Conditional Sentences , Can We Use
    "would" In Past Real Conditional Sentences ?

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    Re: "would" In Conditional

    "Would" in the meaning of 'characteristic behaviour' is a modal verb (though some grammarians regard it as a phasal verb). It is in no way structurally dependent on conditional sentences. E.g. I would often visit my relatives in those days.
    "Used to" is a synonymous unit, but with a wider area of application. It can also be used to indicate a continuous state, where "would" cannot be employed. E.g. I used to live in that town.

    In your sentences the conjunction "if" is used as "when", that's why I think they are not conditional but complex sentences with time clauses.

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    Re: "would" In Conditional

    'used to' is a more matter-of-fact way of indicating past customary behaviour.
    'would' introduces a note of nostalgia, and so is more often found in literary works.

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