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    so...that vs such ...that

    Dear Teachers and English pandits

    Can you please explain in what sense so.. that needs to be used? and in what scenarios such.. that can be used

    thank you

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    Re: so...that vs such ...that

    "Such" is an adjective.

    "So" is an adverb.

    End of story. Unfortunately, scientific problems are often (correctly) expressed in a way that uses 'such that'; 'ABC is a triangle such that AB is the diameter of a circle...' - in other words ABC can be characterized (adjectivally) by its position relative to the circle - it is such a triangle, a triangle of that sort.

    As a result, engineers are very fond of using 'such that', and their managers follow suit to be 'one of the boys'. So the misuse of 'such that' is spreading.

    (Of course, 'misuse' is an unpopular word in some circles; I suspect, though, that if 'so that' fits you should use it.)



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