Please help me to write a letter, it would be from a supervisor stating that a employee is authorized by the company to participate in a training and will retain his position within the company during this time period.

Thanks in advance,

This is the letter:

----------- start -----------

Dear Mr <name 1>:

With great pleasure, I am writing to you for introducing to our employee <employee name>, who works as a Networking Engineer, he is specialized into Routing, switching and application Optimization Technologies within the Telecommunications Area of the Company.

<Company>, is pleased that <Organization name >, has been accepted him into the training courses: <Code course 1>, : IPS and Related LAN Technologies and <Code course 2>, : Telephony Service Provider Design Seminar ; which are going to be conducted between October 27 and November 22 this year.

<Company> is convinced that the experience of training abroad will be very helpful to further a professional development; we hope that <employee name> could take the training, so He is going to enrich his knowledge about Telephony Technologies and help him to apply it in a higher standard setting.

After that, <Company> authorizes <employee name> to take the training and we ensure than he will retain his position within the company during the time period of the courses.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Yours Sincerely

<Supervisor name>

----------- end -----------