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    Wink Accent and dialect

    What's the difference between Accent and Dialect

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    Smile Re: Accent and dialect

    Hello everybody
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    As for the difference between the accent and dialect, I think there is some thing general which is both of them can be a special way of pronunciation that concerns a particular region or area. The difference is the dialect has to do with things further than pronunciation such as distinctive grammar, transcription and words which makes the difference between the two terms.
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    Re: Accent and dialect

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    Re: Accent and dialect

    Wow , Brilliant ..... Anglika , Thanks dear

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    Re: Accent and dialect

    Accent is a very distinctive, strong oral

    expression. It is heard when a person speaks,

    and is that person's way of stressing certain

    syllables in speaking. An accent can be

    easily picked up in the way a person will

    place emphasis in a speech pattern. You can

    tell the country a person belongs to by their

    accent, e.g. "Her strong German accent was not

    hard to miss." You can also tell the social

    class a person belongs to by their accent,

    e.g. "Miss Gwyneth spoke in her distinctive,

    highfalutin accent."

    While accent is a person's strong emphasis on

    certain syllables, dialect on the other hand

    can be explained as the way a specific group

    of people use language. Therefore their

    grammar, pronunciation of words, and their

    vocabulary will associate them with a

    particular region or social class. For

    example, the words used in language or

    speaking can be changed, by spelling them or

    pronouncing them differently, so that only

    people from that particular region or class

    will understand it. In my country for

    example, standard english will say" I don't

    like her very much." However, in our dialect

    we might say instead, "I doh like she nah."

    Same meaning, but different grammar and

    pronounciation, and spelling. This type of

    speech however is only used in common, or

    private settings, not public settings. Hope

    this helps.

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