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    Grammar or Vocabulary?

    Hi there

    Please tell which is more important to learn first ... grammar or vocabulary?.. if I am at intermediate level. because I have 2 books .. one for vocab and the other one is for grammar and I don't know form where should I start.

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    Re: Grammar or Vocabulary?

    The process of learning a language requires listening (to hear the sounds), speaking (to make the sounds), reading, (to see the written words), and finally (speaking) to produce the language sounds. Nowhere in this list is GRAMMAR a consideration. Once you are able to hear and undrstand, speak and be understood, read with comprehension, and write to communicate -THEN worry about the grammar.
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    Re: Grammar or Vocabulary?

    you mean grammar comes first and after that vocabulary, right?

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    Re: Grammar or Vocabulary?

    vocabulary comes first because you can communicate using just vocabulary, grammar just makes it sound correct. Imagine if you go to a foreign country and you know a few words - you can make yourself understood but your grammar is non existent. So, vocab and pronunciation of words comes first.

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