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Thread: next monday

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    next monday

    what is the definition of ' next monday'? When is the term applicable?

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    Re: next monday

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    what is the definition of ' next monday'? When is the term applicable?
    What is the context of your sentence?

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    Re: next monday

    Think of it in terms of "this", and "next":

    If today is Saturday, and I'm talking about the day after tomorrow, it would be "this" Monday. As in: "...this one coming up..."

    If I mean a week after the day after tomorrow, or nine days from now, it would be "next" Monday. As in: "...not this one coming up, the next one..."

    Just remember that this confuses EVERYONE. So much so that the the other person will ALWAYS reply: "THIS Monday? You mean the day after tomorrow, right!?!", to be sure they understand.

    (NOTE: Only "next" is used as an excuse for missing an appointment or other engagement: "Oh,I'm sorry! I thought that was next Monday!")

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    Re: next monday

    Culturally, our lives revolve around the weekend, and Monday is seen as the start of a new week. What we say depends on how 'near' or 'far' something seems to us.
    If today is Saturday (1st), Monday is the 3rd, and the following Monday is the 10th.

    So, on Saturday, referring to the 3rd ('near''), I would say, "on Monday".
    Sunday: I would say 'tomorrow"
    Monday : Next Monday
    Tuesday, Wednesday: next Monday
    Thursday: It's getting close to the weekend, and the end of the week. The previous Monday is seeming 'remote'. So we might say 'next Monday' or 'on Monday'
    Friday/Saturday: on Monday

    I would say 'this Monday' if there was a possibility that which Monday I was referring to could be misunderstood - 'this Monday coming' meaning the 3rd.

    If it's Wednesday, and I am referring to next Wednesday, (the following Wednesday):
    Wednesday: next Wednesday
    Thursday, Friday, Saturday : next Wednesday
    Sunday, Monday: on Wednesday. (on Sunday, the weekend is half over and the new week does not seem so 'remote', 'far away')
    Tuesday: tomorrow
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