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    Question How many English words gotta be mastered for a foreign learner?

    How many words are needed to really speak a English language?
    And how many English words does a foreigner have to know?
    How many words does a learner study per day?
    Are there strategies available to enable foreign students to learn these words more?
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    Re: How many English words gotta be mastered for a foreign learner?

    Welcome to the forums.

    There are different views on this - particularly as verbs are conjugated, so do you count a verb as one word or more than one word.

    However, between 600 and 1000 words is probably the minimum for reasonable fluency.

    See here : 1000 Most Common Vocabulary Words in English - Vocabulary Workshop for ESL EFL TEFL TOEFL TESL English Learners -

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