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    How do I write a story without writing it in a narrative style?

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    Re: Writing

    Quote Originally Posted by Blasting1 View Post
    How do I write a story without writing it in a narrative style?
    Use solely description, characterisation and dialogue. Don't tell the reader explicitly what is happening - show it through other means.

    "It was a wintery day. We were lying on the lawn, talking. She kept looking at me in a funny way, or perhaps I was imagining it.
    "What?" I said. I could never figure out her strange moods.
    "Nothing," she said "Why do you always cross-examine me?"
    I figured we shouldn't have come out on such a cold day; it was making her cranky. And the rain was threatening to blow our way.
    This always seemed to happen to me. I'd meet a girl ... "

    A narrative version would go:
    A man and a woman were lying on the lawn on a wintery day. The woman kept looking at the man in a strange way. Or, at least, that's what the man was imagining. He asked the woman why she was looking like that. She dismissed it. In fact, she turned the attention to his behaviour..."

    Well, that's one opinion.

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