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    Smile face-off

    Where should I use word "face-off"? What is the meaning of this word?
    When should I use this word?In what context do I need to use it?

    Is there any difference between face-off and face off?

    Is is possible to get some phrases which has this word in it?I mean some examples!


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    Smile Re: face-off

    Hi! Welcome to the forums. I'm not a teacher.

    Here're the definition and example sentences from Cambridge Dictionaries Online.

    face off American

    if two people or two groups face off, they disagree about something and start to fight or oppose each other

    Increasingly, doctors and insurance companies are facing off over health care. [often + over]
    Amy and Mary Jo faced off in the street ready to fight.
    face-off mainly American
    an angry face-off between the neighbors [usually singular]
    Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press

    Hope this helps.

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