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    bustle and drive

    New York is a city renowned in song and fable, a city with more bustle and drive that any ten other cities rolled into one.

    In the sentence above, what do the words in bold mean?

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    Re: bustle and drive

    bustle - move about energetically
    drive - apply energy to what you do

    So New York is full of people moving around energetically who are also energetically doing their work.

    "ten cities rolled into one" = The energy of New York is equal to that of ten other cities all rolled up into one city.

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    Re: bustle and drive

    I'm not a teacher.

    Hi dilermando,

    I am divided over the meaning of the term bustle and drive in the context in question. In my humble opinion my interpretations are more plausible than the mentioned above..

    bustle (n) = excited and often noisy activity; a stir

    bustle (v) = to move swiftly; to be nervously or uselessly active

    bustle = bustling, flurry, fuss, running around, stir

    Cities, like men, grow out of them in time, and are doomed alike to grow into the bustle, the cares, and miseries of the world. ...

    drive (n) = crush, jostle, squeeze, welter

    You have to know that fable = anecdote


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