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    formal & informal English

    Dear Teacher
    May I know a litte more about "formality" and "informality" of English. I suppose it's not bad to use informal English, is it?

    Kind Regards

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    Re: formal & informal English

    Informal means relaxed, so if you are in casual, relaxed situation, feel free to use a more informal English.

    However, if you are with your colleagues in a business setting, you will want to act and speak more formal.

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    Re: formal & informal English

    don't you mean "formally"?

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    Re: formal & informal English

    Informal English is generally what people use when speaking. Formal English is what you learn from English books. You would use formal English, for example, when you are writing a paper, if you are a lawyer speaking to a jury, if you are making a formal presentation, and when you want to sound fancy.

    I use formal English to write papers for class, but everywhere else I use informal English. Using formal English to speak to people in informal situations might make you come off as a snob.

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    Re: formal & informal English

    Hello there
    Many thanks for your explanation. I think I got the difference.
    Warm regards

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