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    interpretation of the term "provisions"

    Dear teachers,

    Yesterday I run into a difficulty interpreting the following trivial sentences: “The US Constitution includes some general provisions on the franchise. It sets forth certain requirements for candidates running for a post of a president, vice-president, senator or member of the House of Representatives.”

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me the reason for use of the term provision? I think it is very ambiguous. There are another as clause, stipulation, terms, article, heading, paragraph, specification. If I hear the term provision intuitively I think about “a stock of necessary supplies, especially food.” and not about “a stipulation or qualification, especially a clause in a document or agreement”.

    On the second hand there is a great number of different other ambiguous words which would complicate matters of an interpreter like me beyond measure.
    social standing (of) , social status (of),
    state of affairs,
    political situation, political position
    to be in hiding
    the status of women in society
    enactment of a body,
    state of emergency,
    location of an island,
    to have a world lead in,
    to hold a firm position,
    this thesis (assumption, cocept) holds for more general cases,
    posture of a object,
    welfare standard,
    master of the situation,
    as the case stands,
    martial law,
    to be up to the mark, to rise to the occation,
    to be in a desparate straits,
    to transfer economy to a peace-time footing,
    when free, when loose.

    provision = position, attitude, arrangement, equipping, fitting out, futnishing, plan, preparatrion, providing, supplying, / clause, condition, requirement, specification, stipulation, term

    Thgank you for your efforts.



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    Re: interpretation of the term "provisions"

    There is no confusion about its meaning in this context. It has the meaning: arrangements for future eventualities or requirements.

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