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    arms / armaments

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to tell me whether the terms arms and armaments are interchangeable. They are interchangable in my native language. I take a keen interest in the matter in question in your language.

    To bear arms.
    Take up arms.

    The most formal method is called "present arms"; the rifle is brought to the vertical, muzzle up, in front of center of the chest with the trigger away from the body. The hands hold the stock close to the positions they would have if the rifle were being fired, though the trigger is not touched. Less formal salutes include the "order arms salute" and the "shoulder arms salutes." These are most often given by a sentry to a low-ranking superior who does not rate the full "present arms" salute. In the "order arms salute," the rifle rests on its butt by the sentry's right foot, held near the muzzle by the sentry's right hand, and does not move. The sentry brings his flattened left hand across his body and touches the rifle near its muzzle. When the rifle is being carried on the shoulder, a similar gesture is used in which the flattened free hand is brought across the body to touch the rifle near the rear of the receiver.
    at the trail with a rifle hanging balanced in one hand and (in Britain) parallel to the ground.
    trail arms let a rifle hang in such a way.
    under arms = armed
    up in arms = stirred up
    up in arms = angry, rebellious, as in “The town was up in arms over the state's plan to allow commercial flights at the air base.”

    to accelerate arms race,

    to step up the armsrace

    to halt the arms race

    armaments = all the military forces and war equipment of a country. Often used in the plural.

    to reduce the armaments

    The armaments were cut.

    The armaments were curtailed.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: arms / armaments

    They are not interchangeable.

    Armaments is the machinery of war; Arms are the components that make up the machinery.

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