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    Fillers, and so on..


    Please I would like to know more "fillers" or "stuff like that" which give my speaking more fluent..

    Do you have some??

    ex : "you know", I mean.. actually etc...

    Thank you and hello from the South Pacific.



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    Re: Fillers, and so on..

    Don't feel that you have to fill every second with words when speaking with someone.

    OK, you know, and so . . . . can be very irritating, especially when repeated several times.

    Just smile. If there is a long pause, you might want to ask, "Was I clear to you?" or "Is that understandable?"

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    Re: Fillers, and so on..

    Irritating puts it mildly. Tony Blair kept on saying "Look, ..." - at least we don't have to listen to that all the time.

    Fillers should be avoided!


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