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Thread: as we know it

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    as we know it

    Hello everyone

    I'd like to ask about the meaning of "as we know it" in the following sentence:

    The idea that there is no stability as we know it in the world, but that reality is just an endless series of becomings, was well known in Greek philosophy.

    Does "there is no stability as we know it" mean there is no stability to which we are accustomed, there is no stability which is familiar to us?
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    Re: as we know it

    I think it means the particular brand of (worldly) stability which is made known to us by our minds is an illusion; it is not what it seems to be.

    I assume it is in referrance to the constant flux of life. The birth, death, and constant flow of change in the world. It points toward the things which are not readily apparent to the human mind which (usually, naturally and ordinarily) seeks to impose "stability" and permanence in itself and on the exernal objects it perceives.

    It is very difficult to explain a lot of philosophical ideas in plain English. The words often allude to something which requires a good deal of contextual knowledge, and when trying to understand ancient philosophy the terms become even more technical.

    I am not a teacher.


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