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    move over and move


    I have a question about this sentence (We're moving you over to Statesville.) when I was watching TV show Prison Break. If I say: We're moving you to Statesville. Then is there a difference between them ("move over" and "move") in this context?

    Thanks for your help.

    Warden: Why do I get the feeling that there's more to you than meets the eye, Scofield? Anything you wanna tell me? Some other reason you're in here, besides holding up a bank You're being transferred.
    Michael: What?
    W: We're moving you over to Statesville.
    M: You can't do that.
    W: Yes, I can. I'm the boss here. This is my house.
    M: Three weeks.
    W: What for?
    M: Lincoln Burrows, he's being executed in three weeks.
    W: Well, I'm aware of that. What's that to you?
    M: He's my brother. When I knew I was being sent to prison, my attorney petitioned the D.O.C.

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    Re: move over and move

    There is not really any difference in meaning between the two.


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