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  1. summergoo

    please give me some advice

    Personal information
    English name: Summer Chinese name: Gu Xiaping
    Sex: Female Date of birth: July 23,1983
    Place of birth: Shanghai Telephone: (021) 58142586
    Email address: Marital Status: unmarried
    2002.9—2005.7 International Trades, Shanghai University
    Academic Main Courses
    International Trade Theory, International Business, Organization Behavior, Basic Marketing, Global Marketing and so on
    Generally skilled in operation of MS Windows & Office.
    Past CET-4. Have a good command of written and read English.
    Work experience
    Summer in 2004 Worked in Shanghai Jing Kuang Corporation.
    General Trade Knowledge and English Skills
    Have a passion to work and do my best to my job
    October 15,2004
    Dear Teacher Chen:
    Are you searching for a receptionist who can deal with some problems and give other’s help?
    I major in international Trade in Shanghai University. English studies my profession. Our Most of our teachers use English to teach us lessons, which improves my English at my university. And, I passed CET-4 during my study. So, I think I can use English with no problem.
    I am a open-minded girl and can get well along with others. At the same time, I am also willing to help others who are in trouble. Whenever they meet with problems, I will treat them warmly and help them to solve it.
    I have studied in some IELTS Learning Center, so I have knowledge and some information about IELTS learning. I believe I can do well in my position, even if I have no experience of this kind of jobs.
    The enclosed resume outlines my specific information and accomplishments in greater details. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you for a personal interview.

    Gu Xiaping (Summer)

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    Dear Teacher Chen:

    We wouldn't use 'Teacher'as a titlein English; useMr\Ms, etc. We use Doctor and Professor as titles.

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    I would add some of the things you did in "Work Experience".

    I don't think its a good idea to begin a cover letter with a question.

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    I agree with X Mode.

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