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Thread: [Essay] Hamlet

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    [Essay] Hamlet

    can you carrect my essay? Thank you.

    At the beginning of the tragedy we find the sentries who speak about the apparition of the kingís ghost. While they talks, the latter appears under theirsí incredulous eyes and when the cock crows, the ghost vanished. So they decided to tell what happened to Hamlet because they think that the spirit will speak to him.
    Hamlet was still frustrated for his fatherís dead and after the interview with the king and queen he become acquainted with the ghost from Horatio and he decided to meet it. The ghost tell him the true about his dead so Hamlet knew that his father was killed by his uncle, the king. The Prince, Horatio and Marcellus decided to say nothing about that nightís events: from that moment onwards
    Hamlet pretend to be mad to mask his real intentions. In the meantime we know Polonio, the chief adviser to the king, and his children, Laerte and Ophelia. Hamlet was in love whit the girl but Polonio said to her to refuse his love and so she did it.
    After a month everybody believed that Hamlet was mad, so Polonio went to the king and tell him that the Prince became crazy because his daughter refuse his love.
    The king decided to call two Hamletís friends to find the problemís cause for his sadness, but the Prince immediately understood the intention of the king. A company of actors is invited to the castle with the intent to raise the soul of Hamlet. This latter asked the actors to interpret "The Murder of Gonzago" adding a few lines to its text to blame the king and Hamlet succeeds in its intention: the king became furious and interrupted the recitation. The Prince went to his motherís room and told her that his father was killed by his uncle. But Polonio was behind the arras and began to scream, so Hamlet killed the man thinking that he was the King. Ophelia began crazy and she died drowned. Laerte, back to the castle, wanted to avenge his sister and Polonio. So the king found a way to get rid of Hamlet: he prepared a fencing match between two young finding an artifice to kill "accidentally" Hamlet. The king poisoned wine that will provide Hamlet and Laerte poisoned the tip of his foil. But nothing will end like the king had expected: the poisoned wine was drunk by Queen, Laerte hit Hamlet, but fighting man to man, they exchanged swords. So the Prince, realizing that he had in his hand the poisoned sword, hit the King and Laerte. Few moments after everybody fell dawn dead, but Hamlet, before dying, said to Horatio to tell in public all those events.

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    Re: [Essay] Hamlet

    Welcome to the forums.

    First thing - check the names of the characters for spellings.

    Second - this is merely retelling the story. Were you expected to discuss the themes in the play?

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