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    Post tweaking the bear

    From The Rise of the Putin Doctrine | Print Article |

    Consider the texts below.

    Those who have chastised Saakashvili for tweaking the bear are also pleading clemency for Putin.

    Such confidence-building measures should also extend to the new NATO members. To avoid riling the bear, the alliance did not station its troops in Poland et al.

    What do the words in bold mean?

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    Re: tweaking the bear

    Iím not a teacher.

    Hi dilermando,

    tweaking the bear =

    tweak (v) = to pinch, pluck, or twist sharply; tease (to annoy or pester; vex)

    riling the bear = to annoy Russia

    rile (v) = to stir to anger. See synonyms at annoy. (irritate, bother, irk, vex, provoke, aggravate, peeve)

    bear (n) = ( a large mammal = Symbol , metaphora,(nickname of Russia) Bears have large heads, bulky bodies, massive hindquarters, short, powerful limbs, very short tails, and coarse, thick fur

    at al. = Latin for "et alii," which means "and others.



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