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  1. alfred

    Cover and resume

    Alfred (SUN YINBIN)

    Room202, No23, 129 KONGJIANG Road
    Shanghai P.R. China


    Telephone: 65679431


    Email: [email protected]

    Job I want: Marketing Management

    Company information:
    Bright Dairy& Food Co.,Ltd of Shanghai
    Address: No578 Wu Zhong Road
    Postcode: 201103

    Telephone: 54584520


    Dear Mr. Yang (Management):

    I am longing for position of Marketing Manager of your company, which is published in your website:

    I am the student of Shanghai University, my major is International Trade and will be graduated in 2005. Bright Dairy& Food Co.,Ltd is the most famous company in China. Working in the company is my

    Although I am a rookie, I am good at computer and English and I like doing business very much. I also has definite knowledge about marketing and finance. I has a 2-months working experience in HengFang. So I think I can be competent for the job. I will enclose my resume and you will know more about my details and I hope I can get a chance to get an interview with you!
    I am very glad you can take out your precious time to read my letter and I am looking forward to your good reply.

    Here is my experience

    Education: 2002/09Śnow: Shanghai University--Sydney Institution of Language and Commerce

    Special Skills: Commerce knowledge, Computer skills, foreign language skills
    Hobbies/Interests: Music, Sporting

    Truly, yours

    Alfred Sun

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    Job I want:

    I want- this is not suitable for a formal letter.

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