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    Post The turmoil cast a pall over

    From Chancellor's grave warning sends pound plunging, pushes up holiday prices and kills off hope of interest rate cut | Mail Online

    In the text below, what does "cast a pall" mean?

    The turmoil cast a pall over what is supposed to be the first leg of Gordon Brown's political relaunch today, with the announcement of a £1billion programme to help the housing market.

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    Re: The turmoil cast a pall over

    A pall usually refers to smoke - "A pall of smoke rose high into the air over the forest fire".
    In this context, the pall was cast over the relaunch like a dark cloud making it far less attractive than what was intended.

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    Re: The turmoil cast a pall over

    I believe the metaphor ('pall of smoke') is based on the piece of material used to cover a dead body. When you 'cast a pall' over something you make what was meant to be happy sombre, if not sad.


    PS: - not a dead body (directly) but a coffin.
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