Can anyone solve this excersices?


1-she is WRITING a biography of Diana Spencer. Most of her WRITINGS are based on statments from WELL-KNOWN people. Her books are KNOWN all over the world.

2- i'm INTERESTED in modern art. Cubism has always INTERESTED me.

3- It is very DISAPPOINTING news. The news that the lecture had been called off was very DISSAPOINING. everybody was very DISAPPOINTED when they learned about it.

4- A FADED rose is not so PLEASING as a BLOOMING

5- HAVING FINISHED all the work GIVEN him to do, he seemed more PLEASED with himself than usual.

6- Do you mind my OPENING the window?
Do you mind me OPENING the window?


8- The ENDING of a word is sometimes a suffix.

Can anyone solve this excersices and explain me how to learn it?