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Thread: in or on?

  1. mmvillanueva

    in or on?

    When do we you use in or on?

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    Re: in or on?

    Well, in general, you put something in (inside) a cupboard and you put something on (on top of) a table, for example. There are other uses.

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    Re: in or on?

    Are you referring to time or location?

    I will arrive at Incheon on Sept.9 2008. a location on the calendar

    I will arrive at Incheon in September. the calendar has a border and the arrival date exists inside the border

    The picture is on the wall. (physically touching the wall) etc

    The light is on the ceiling

    Where is he? He is in the bus. surrounded by the bus

    He is on (on board) the bus. ready to leave

    There is a lot to this question. So write back with your own examples!! If you want I will correct them

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    Re: in or on?

    Quote Originally Posted by mmvillanueva View Post
    When do we you use in or on?
    You may find this helpful: Prepositions of Location: At, In, On

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    Re: in or on?

    IN and On are prepositions . They have many uses.
    There are three apples in the box on the table.
    IN a year . For example in 1991
    In a month.For example in july.
    IN a week .For exaple in a week
    On a day .For example on monday

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    Cool Re: in or on?

    Talking about time, you use :

    At : When you're specifying an exact hour or to make an appointment
    I woke up today at nine o'clock.
    We'll meet at seven-fifteen
    It's not used before "Time", we use "what" instead :
    What time will you be ready?
    We also say : At christmas - At weekends - At the weekend - At easter...

    On : Always used before days of the week and specified days :
    She died on Monday
    He'll travel on April 7th

    In : Always used before months, years, centuries...
    In July
    In 1986
    In The 21th century

    Talking about space, you use :

    At : When there's no moving (to be, to stay,ect...) unlike "to" (when there is a moving)
    He's At school
    He's going to The high school

    On : When you're marking the top of the fellowed noun (object, place...)
    Put that On my desk
    They lie On the floor

    In : finally when you mean the inside of the fellowed noun
    throw it in that rubbishbin
    I'm hidding stuff in my pocket

    I Hope I've been usual and clear enough.



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