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    Kelly Peck

    We have a fourth grade students whose homework requires the use of a "consonant line segment." Is anyone familiar with this term? Thanks!

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    Re: Kelly Peck

    Sounds like math.
    Line Segments

    A line segment is one of the basic terms in geometry. We may think of a line segment as a "straight" line that we might draw with a ruler on a piece of paper. A line segment does not extend forever, but has two distinct endpoints. We write the name of a line segment with endpoints A and B as "line segment AB" or as . Note how there are no arrow heads on the line over AB such as when we denote a line or a ray.

    Example: The following is a diagram of two line segments: line segment CD and line segment PN, or simply segment CD and segment PN.

    If you can't see the image below, click here to see

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