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    What mean "SET ON" in this text?

    "The film The Man In The Iron Mask was about at the time and I'd seen that, and I think it probably came from there, although there wasn't actually an iron maiden in the film. I just thought it was a good name for a band. Iron Butterfly were known before that, and funnily enough, when we did our first couple of gigs at the Cart and Horses, we had a phone call behind the bar one night, and still to this day I don't know whether it was a fucking wind-up or what, but someone phoned up and said, 'We're called Iron Maiden and you can't use the name,' and all this, but I just said, 'That's tough shit, because we're called Iron Maiden, so bollocks!' I must admit, I was all bravado on the phone, but when I came away I thought, 'Oh shit,' 'cause if they had registered it - you know, even though we were only playing pubs - then we wouldn't have been able to use it, and by then I was really SET ON it. But we never actually heard any more, so it might have been one of my mates winding me up, doing a northern accent. I don't know."

    What the synonym to "SET ON IT" in this text?

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    Re: What mean "SET ON" in this text?

    "SET ON IT"

    Firmly decided in your mind that it is what you want.

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    Re: What mean "SET ON" in this text?

    What mean "SET ON" in this text?
    What does set on mean?

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