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    Wink mis and dis

    hello there,

    i would like to ask, is there any method to determine whether i should use Dis or Mis ? Eg: misleading, mis understanding why not the other way round? Thank You!!!

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    Re: mis and dis

    'mis' means 'wrong' and 'dis' means 'the opposite of'. There are exceptions but generally, this is the rule. It will depend on the meaning you require.

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    Re: mis and dis

    Start with the meanings of the prefixes:

    mis- (added to verbs and their derivatives) wrongly, badly, or unsuitably: mismanage, mistreat

    dis- 1 expressing negation: disadvantage. 2 denoting reversal or absence of an action or state: discharge. 3 denoting removal, separation, or expulsion: disbar. 4 expressing completeness or intensification of an action: disgruntled.


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