i'm so bad at grammars and writing so please check my essay and correct or point out the mistakes for me ... Thanks so much ! by the way, it's about semiotic analysis ...

Advertising is a form of communication that typically aims to persuade potential customers to purchase more of a particular brand of products. However, public service advertising use commercial advertising techniques but for non-commercial purpose. The visual text that will be analysed in this essay is a public campaign advertisement, WWF (World Wildlife Fund)’s Paint Cans I, (2007) (Fig1). Semiotic analysis employing concepts of the nature, pollution and warning which connotes about environmental preservation. Moreover, it will compare some other public campaign advertising images which signify common themes but those that have different subject matter.

WWF used essential materials and techniques that employing cause and effect of the environmental pollution. There are four main signifiers in the image of Paint Cans I (Fig1) that distributing message of preservation to the reader. First signifier is the huge paint cans which spilling the paints from the starting point of the river and second is the river that the actual paint spilled from the bucket of the paint cans. Also, the mountain is another signifier which is the main background of the image and lastly the WWF logo with few written texts at the bottom right-hand corner. The huge paint cans in the image signified as a liquid or colouring tool which people use for painting but also it is a signified connotation for chemical substances which is the pollutant of the pollution. Moreover, it has been exaggerated the size of the paint cans image as much as the mountain. To do this, it emphasis and metaphorically represents such a small bucket of paint cans can be a massive pollutant. The signifier river is commonly denoted as water that flows from the mountain which should be clean and pure. However, in this image it connotes as polluted water by paints because of those toxic chemicals. Also the colour green that used in this image is the denotation of leaves or nature is. However, WWF used dull green colour to represent polluted water, river or nature that by the pollutant which is the paint cans. WWF also used mountain as signified connotation of land, nature and environment where human lives and where should be preserved by human. Furthermore, WWF logo metonyms of international organization which intend to conserve nature. Therefore, the logo indicates the environmental pollution is a dangerous and important worldwide and public issue that should be warned to all people. Additionally, they used some texts within the logo, ‘A single tin of paint can pollute millions of litres of water’. By using this, it conveys strong and clear message to the viewer. The metaphors and metonym that represented in this advertisement connotes nature, environmental pollution and preservation.

There are number of public campaign advertisement that informs or warns publics, not just for preservation, anti-drinking and driving, anti-smoking and anti-prostitution. WWF’s Forest Faces (Fig2) is another series of campaign for preservation which have generic similarities with WWF’s Paint Cans (Fig1). Firstly, both images have similar topic which is public campaign toward publics for preservation nature. Also, they used similar technique such as, using nature like water and trees as signified connotation of polluted nature or environment. Moreover, they both metaphorically deliver message that the nature is the environment that should be preserved by people. Written text that used in both images clearly inform publics to understand what they are aiming to. The difference in the Forest Faces is that using the leaves as a facial expression which connotes pollution not just harm the nature, it also affects people as well. Therefore, it concisely conveys their purpose to the viewer. Also, another public campaign ad, the Anti drinking & driving (2008) (Fig3) used similar techniques in the advertisement. For example, signifiers like gun, cars, bottles, straw, cap opener and keys connote the direct factor of cause elements. Such signifier like a gun connotes a danger or death and also the texts in the ad also signify the warning of drinking drive is dangerous. Through several examples of public campaign images, it shows that even they are having different subject matters in their advertisements; they have similarities of dealing with public interests or problems that might harm or danger people. Consequently, the campaign advertisements help solving the public problems effectively and easily by just seeing the images.

The campaign advertisement Paint Cans by WWF aimed to warn and inform the public that a small amount of paint or chemical substances that dumped or flowed into water or nature can pollute a whole nature, environment and human beings. They conveyed the ideas by using the factor, paint cans, the result, river and mountain, of pollution as a signifier that connote preservation nature simply but concisely in the advertisement.