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    Which tense should I use?

    Which tense should I use in the following sentences?
    1. bag any where? I can't find it.
    a) Did you see
    b) Have you seen
    (My answer is a. )

    2. This is the photo of my great father. He...married six times.
    b)has been
    (My answer is b. )

    3. All last month I had exams, and I .... anything else but study for ages.
    b)wasn't doing
    c) don't do
    (My answer is a)

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    Re: Which tense should I use?

    1 As you're looking for it now, b) sounds better.
    2 You say 'great father' is that 'grandfather' or 'great grandfather'? I guess from the context that it's an old photo and he is likely to be dead, whcih makes a) the natural answer. If he's alive, then you could use the present perfect, but the fact that you only have one photo suggests it's a very ld photo and he's no longer here.
    3 a) but it is missing 'done'

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