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Thread: at close range

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    at close range


    I have a question about this phrase "at close range" in this context. I look it up in the dictionary and get it that "at close range" means very close. But in this context, for instance, A rock band at close range is 125 decibels. What does "at close range" mean in this sentence? A rock band very close is 125 decibels ? Very close to what? I do not get this one.

    By the way, what does "ear-busting" mean? I can not find it in the dictionary. Does it just mean ear-breaking, ear-damaging?

    Thanks for your help.

    The professor is talking about hearing loss.

    The danger zone - risk of injury - begins at around 90 decibels. Continual exposure to sounds above 90 can damage your hearing. Loud noises - especially when they come at you every day - all this noise can damage the delicate hair cells in your inner ear. Lots of everyday noises are bad for us in the long run. For example, a car horn sounds at around 100 decibels. A rock band at close range is 125 decibels. A jet engine at close range is one of the worst culprits at an ear-busting 140 decibels.

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    Re: at close range

    Something at "close range" is very near to you.

    "Ear-busting" means damaging and the risk of permanment hearing loss.

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