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    what is 'a couple crumbs'

    Hello, Teachers.

    I have some questions about the following dialog.
    Brian: No, I haven't. Ugh. I had the worst day. I am so tired. Look, I promise I'll do it this weekend.

    Norma: Listen, I know the feeling. I'm tired, too. But I came home and I did my share of the housework. I mean, that's the agreement, right?

    Brian: All right. We agreed. I'll do it in a minute.

    Norma: Come on. Don't be that way. You know, (What?) I shouldn't have to ask you to do anything. I mean, we both work, we both live in the house, we agreed that housework is ... is both of our responsibility. I don't like to have to keep reminding you about it. It makes me feel like an old nag or something.

    Brian: Sometimes you are an old nag.

    Norma: Oh, great!

    Brian: No, it's just that I don't notice when things get dirty like you do. Look, all you have to do is tell me, and I'll do it.

    Norma: No, I don't want to be put in that position. I mean, you can see dirt as well as I can. Otherwise—I mean, that puts all the responsibility on me.

    Brian: It's just that cleanliness is not a high priority with me. There are other things I would much rather do. Besides, the living room floor does not look that dirty.

    Norma: Brian.

    Brian: Okay, a couple crumbs.
    1. Is the word 'great' ironic?
    2. What does the expression 'a couple crumbs' mean? Is it commonly used? Should it be 'a couple of crumbs'?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: what is 'a couple crumbs'

    1. Is the word 'great' ironic? Yes - or more likely in this context, sarcastic.
    2. What does the expression 'a couple crumbs' mean? Is it commonly used? Should it be 'a couple of crumbs'? He's saying he doesn't see much on the floor, only some crumbs. The elision is colloquial, and probably if spoken there would be a glottal stop in the place of "of". It is sometimes expressed in writing as "couple a crumbs".


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