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    flower, bloom and blossom

    Hello, Teachers.

    What's the difference between flower, bloom and blossom as nouns and verbs?

    Looking forward to your help.

    Thank in advance.


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    Re: flower, bloom and blossom

    Absolutely nothing.

    "Flowers" is the most commonly used. "Blooms" and Blossoms" are more poetic and/or literary.

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    Re: flower, bloom and blossom

    There are, of course, collocations - it would be unusual to talk about 'apple flowers' or 'apple blooms'. Apple trees blossom (verb), and they bear blossom (noun), as do many trees and bushes. I remember being very confused when I first heard a song about lemon trees that included the line 'the lemon flower is sweet'. In the Caribbean (source of the song, I think - though it may have been faked) presumably it's normal to talk about 'lemon flowers'.


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