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    fairy-like, lace-like

    Dear teachers,

    Would you be kind enough to write in plain English the expression in bold from the following brief excerpt of the Blavatsky’s “From the Caves and Jungels of Hindostan”?

    What would be your choice if you had to choose between being blind and being deaf? Nine people out of ten answer this question by positively preferring deafness to blindness. And one whose good fortune it has been to contemplate, even for a moment, some fantastic fairy-like corner of India, this country of lace-like marble palaces and enchanting gardens, would willingly add to deafness, lameness of both legs, rather than lose such sights.
    I know for example “fairy-land” but “fairy-like” is new for me. Presumably that “lace-like” = “lacy” =”made of or resembling lace” but I like better to know that on good authority.

    Thank you for your efforts.



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    Re: fairy-like, lace-like

    fairy-like = similar to a fairy - ie delicate and other-worldly, not quite real.

    lace-like = as if it was made to look like lace, with facades full of delicate pierced patterns.

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