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    kind cooperation

    Is this a correct sentence. I'm not sure if kind can be there before cooperation.

    we ask for your kind cooperation

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    Re: kind cooperation

    It is a correct sentence.

    Whether it is the correct sentence in the context of use is another matter.

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    Re: kind cooperation

    "kind cooperation" is now a standard phrase (collocation).
    "We ask for your cooperation" is a little 'cold', brusque, formal. The request is 'softened' by adding the 'kind'.
    'kind' means 'having or showing a friendly, generous, and considerate nature'. So, if 'ask for your cooperation' seems like bossing someone/people around, then 'kind cooperation' has the sense, 'please be considerate and understand that there must be a good reason why I am asking you to do this.'

    It is now just a polite way of making a request.

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