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    I have downloaded the list of "Irregular Verbs (Present Participle/Gerund.
    But I was looking for was the complete list of the English verbs that require the "ing" form i.e a gerund after them, such as : I deny having gone out with Paul's girlfriend.
    The differences in using them would also be appreciated such as in; "I stop to speak to her. (in order to be able) and I stop speaking to her. ( I no longer speak to her )

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    Re: Teacher

    Click on these links:

    Verb Lists: Infinitives and Gerunds
    verbs followed by gerunds and infinitives

    Go to Infinitive and Gerund and scroll down to "Words followed either by Infinitive or Ing-Form". Click on the links and find out the difference in meaning between gerunds and infinitives.

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