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    a man or man?

    Is it grammatically correct? "Marriage is between a man and a woman. That's a timeless truth". Should I omit indefinite article a and say "marriage is between man and woman. That's timeless truth". Which is correct?

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    Re: a man or man?

    You should use the article. In western society at least, marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman. The use of the article makes this clear.

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    Re: a man or man?

    I adore jamiep's advice.

    Another reason you might not want to use the phrase 'man and woman', especially in speaking, is the noun man (usually written as <Man>), which also means humankind. So, the spoken utterance "Marriage is between man (i.e, man = male gender or Man = humankind) and woman", which is completely grammatical by the way, admits ambiguity (has more than one meaning).

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    Re: a man or man?

    Hello my friend

    In my opinion, an article is certainly needed.I read somewhere that every single noun needs an article.If it is singular,(a)or(an) is needed.And if it is plural, (the) is needed



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