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    resume and cover letter by afra

    Zhu Jingbo
    Room 101, Wu Song San Cun No.42,
    Bao Shan, Shanghai, 200940
    Home phone 02156842237
    Mobile phone 13916808361

    2000-2005 International Trade, English Business, English,
    Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce,
    Shanghai University, Shanghai, China
    2000—2001 Scholarship

    2000-2001 Public French, Shanghai International Studies Uniersity
    2002-2003 Dreamweaver,Fireworks,Flash,andVB,Shanghai University

    2002.6-2002.8 Hangzhou Mary Kay Co. Ltd
    11th Floor, Jiushi Renaissance Mansion,
    No.918 Huaihai Road(M)
    Shanghai 200020, China
    Custioner’s Assiatant, connecting with customers about
    After-sale service
    Driver licence I got the driver licence in 2002
    Computer I can deal with Word, Excel, Powerpoint proficiently

    Room 101, Wu Song San Cun No.42,
    Bao Shan, Shanghai, 200940, China

    Philips Electric Co.,Ltd
    No.002-027 Post Letterbox

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am interested in the position of Marketing Assistant of your company, which is published on your 51job website.
    I am a student from Shanghai University, Sydney Institute of Language and Commerce, and will be graduated in June 2005. I major in International Economic and Business. We know Philips is a world famous electric company. I think it must be exciting when working in such company. And I think I meet the command your require.
    Thanks for your reading and I am looking forward to your reply.

    Yours sincerely

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    will graduate in June 2005

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