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    Please check for "nativeness"

    Hello! I am a Russian language speaker. I'm working at several translation projects now and experience some problems with making my text sound more natural. The target audience is AE speakers so the matter is of vital importance for me. I will be really grateful for everybody who just answers me if the following statements sound natural for native speakers or not. Here they are:
    1. Negative information embodies a great amount of distractive energy which might trigger destroying effect of our well-being, feelings and self-evaluation.
    2. Having lively imagination will make it easier to take advantage of the shielding-in-the-moment method known as “waterfall technique”
    3. Having no possibility to make a trek to the country, go for a stroll to the park to get an eyeful of nature's peace and take the air. The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders of nature, the less we think of all the life’s daily stresses and fill up with an amazing sense of peace and well being.
    4. Dissipate the onset of negative emotions by letting off steam at the gym. Get physical until the pleasant sensation of weariness arises.

    It should be added that these are entries for blogs, so I will appreciate your advice how to make them more "blog-oriented" if they are not. You may contact me through skype or icq.
    I thank everybody for the support in advance!!!!!!!

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    Unhappy Re: Please check for "nativeness"

    Still need your help!!! It is a very urgent matter!

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    Re: Please check for "nativeness"

    Answered on your other post. Please be patient, and do not post the same question in two places - it it confusing and unnecessary. Also, this is the weekend, so people do have things to do!

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