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    What does "sought" mean in this context? I can not find "sought" used as a Noun in any dictionary.

    Thanks for your help.

    Professor: The men of the northwoods tribes were the hunters. The hungting season began in the fall and continued until midwinter. These expeditions frequently took the hunters away form the village for long periods of time. Moose, deer, beaver, bear and elk were the animals sought. Large deer drives were common, and small animals were taken with snares or the bow and arrow.

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    Re: sought

    "sought" is just the past tense of "seek" (or look for).
    The people seek those animals today, but yesterday they sought them.
    It's a bit like " Today they set out to buy some animals. Yesterday they bought them".

    Buggles(not a teacher)

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    Re: sought

    So your text means ' Moose, deer, beaver, bear and elk were the animals [that were] sought' -they were the animals that the hunters tried to kill.


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