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    Post Net immigration is currently estimated

    From Muslim peer and ex-archbishop lead unprecedented bid to cap migration at 20,000 a year | Mail Online

    The campaigners, led by former Labour Minister Frank Field, say their system would produce a UK population of around 65million by 2050 - compared to projections of 78.6million under Government policies.
    Net immigration is currently estimated at more than 300,000 a year, though not all will stay permanently.

    An opinion poll last night showed a large majority of voters in favour of the all-party group's proposal - but Labour effectively ruled it out.

    In the text above, what does "net immigration" mean?

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    Re: Net immigration is currently estimated

    Net immigration is the number of people that the population increases by when you account for people who arrive and people who leave.

    For example if 10 million people arrive and 5 million people leave then the net immigration is 5 million.

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    Re: Net immigration is currently estimated

    And the Uk has always had a lot of people leaving it, but they are rarely mentioned in discussions on the topic.

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