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Thread: Any one/Anyone

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    Any one/Anyone

    Teacher, which of the following is correct usage?

    Anyone or Any one
    Someone or Some one

    While reading through "Elements of Style" i saw 'someone/anyone' should be written as two words. I have always written them as single word. Is it wrong?

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    Re: Any one/Anyone

    Thee are differences in meaning:

    Any one piece of fruit is suitable for this dish = Indicates a single fruit can be used.

    Anyone is welcome to take it = Any person can take it.

    Some one quarter of all pupils fail this exam = Approximately 25% of pupils fail.

    Someone is coming = a person is coming.

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    Re: Any one/Anyone

    As in:
    Write to-day, to-night, to-morrow (but not together) with hyphen.

    Write any one, every one, some one, some time (except the sense of formerly) as two words.

    Strunk, W.

    to-day, to-night, and to-morrow were going out of style in the 1950's.

    'Someone' is one word.

    'Any one' is not the same as 'anyone', and the two forms should not be used interchangeably. 'Any one', meaning 'any single (person or thing),' is written as two words to emphasize singularity: : "Any one of us could do the job.";: "Not more than ten new members are chosen in any one year." Otherwise it is written as one word: : "Anyone who wants to come is welcome." (Note that this distinction is structurally similar to, although not identical with, the difference between : 'every day' and : 'everday'.

    The adjective 'everyday', 'pertaining to every day, ordinary,' is correctly spelled as one word ( : "Carrying out their everyday activities"), but the adverbial phrase 'every day', meaning 'each day,' is always spelled as two words ( : "It rained every day.").
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    Smile Re: Any one/Anyone

    I will never forget this awesome explanation.


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