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    i am ranjeet. i am from india. i wouldlike to learn english as good as native of the english speaking country.
    i dare to write and i make out as well written anywhere but problems occures when i dare to speak. there are a lots of hesitation in my mind that if it is spoken wrong.
    so please provide me ur valueable suggetion to get rid of all these problems.


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    Re: better english

    If you focus too much on your long-term goal, it will inhibit your progress. At any point when you are speaking, your immediate aim should be communication and you should concentrate on getting your message across rather than worrying about making some errors. Afterwards, try to analyse and see how you could do things better next time or what went well and can be used again.

    Everyone, including native speakers, makes mistakes when speaking. If you look at transcripts of spoken language, they are often vague and lack much of the coordination and cohesion of written language- people start off, then backtrack a bit, rephrase, etc.

    The thoughts that make you hesitate actually should be the post-conversation tools for assessment. Mistakes are not your enemy; we often make mistakes when we are pushing the limits of what we know and without making these mistakes we will stay confined within the boundaries of what we know is safe and correct, but progress will elude us.

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