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    correction plz for this exercise

    ex ;put the verbs in the bracks in the correct form . will+inf or going to +inf

    1-they (play )golf this afternoon.
    they are going to play golf this afternoon .

    2-i'm bored, i think i (do)acrossword puzzle.
    i'm bored , i think i am going to do acrossword puzzle.

    3-they are makeing alot of noise .they(wake) the baby.
    they are making alot of noise ,they will wake the baby .

    4-you've got abad cold . i(make) you some soup.
    you 've got abad cold .i will make you some soup.

    5-a;would you like something to drink ?
    b;i9have0acup of tea ,please
    i am going to have acup of tea ,please.

    6-we hope the dog 9find0his way back home.
    we hope the dogwill find his way back home.

    7- a;look at that man on the ladder.
    b;oh,no he (fall)
    oh ,no he will fall

    8-a;i don't understand this maths problem .
    b;that's ok .i(help you)
    that's ok. i will help you.

    9-a;why are you wearing those old clothes?
    b; beacouse i (paint )the kitchen today.
    because i am going to paint the kitchen today.

    10- a; do you want to know what she told me?
    b; oh ,yes i promise i (not tell)any one else.
    oh ,ye; i promise i won't any one else.

    ex;put the verbs in bracktes in the correct form;

    1- i(see) her tomorrow.
    i will see her tomorow.

    2- i(go)again next year.
    i will go again next year.

    3- iam sure that i (rcognize )him.
    i am sure that i will rrecognize him.

    4- he (leave)in afew days.
    he will leave in afew days.

    5- if he works well, i(pay )him five pounds .
    if he works well, i will pay him five pounds.

    6- i(belive)it when i (see)it .
    iwill belive it when i saw it .

    7- when you (meet )them?i (meet)them at 8;30.
    when you met yhem?i will meet them at 8;30.

    8- you ( understand ) when you ( be ) older .
    you will understand when you were older.

    9- i (see) my grandparents tomorrow.
    i will see my grandparents tomorrow.

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    Re: correction plz for this exercise

    5-a: Would you like something to drink ?
    b: I will have a cup of tea, please

    6- I (belive) it when i (see) it .
    I will believe it when I see it

    7- When you (meet )them? I (meet)them at 8.30.
    When you met them? I will meet them at 8.30. past tense - incorrect.

    8- you ( understand ) when you ( be ) older .
    you will understand when you were older. past tense - incorrect.

    The rest of your sentences are correct.

    Punctuation - punctuation marks are put immediately after the word, with a space following the mark. Like this.

    Capitalisation - First words in sentences and the personal pronoun "I" are always capitalized.

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    Re: correction plz for this exercise

    thanks a million =)

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