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    MY Cover letter and Resume

    No.79 Tangshan Road
    ShangHai China 200082
    Wal-Mart's HR Manager

    Dear Mr. Walton:
    My name is Simon. I am from Shanghai. In 2005 I will graduate from SHanghai University which is a famous university in China. I expect to apply for a job to your company because I think it is a good place and challenge to develop myself and your company in the future. In the past years during my study, I have known your company will be the world's largest retailer and always be the first sales among other competitions.Now the stores will come to our city and I think I will help you to target the new customers int the most fashion city in China.
    When I study in the university, my major course is the international business,and we have learned the marketing, finance, human resource, business communication and so on. I am very interested in the marketing. I think the marketing will be the company's competitive advantage in the future, I want to be an employee in your marketing department, I think it is a challenge job for me, but I will try my best to combine the culture of your company with our local culture, attract more people to our stores and supply them high quality and resonable price product.
    I can be calling with in a certain period of time (usually 7 days) to arrange a convenient time for an interview. I am very glad to meet your and tell you further thinking abour myself and your company in our city. Thanks for read my letter.

    Simon He
    No.79 TangShang Road Home: 02165351622
    ShangHai, China 200082 Email;

    Education: Sep.1999--Jue.2002 Hongkou Senior High School
    Sep.2002--Jue.2005 ShangHai University
    Technical Skills
    Appllications: MS Word
    MS Excel
    MS PowerPoint
    MS Access
    English Dipolma; CET-6

    Experience: In 2002 summer, I worked in one impoted and exported clothes company as a practise job in two month. Now I am teach some primary school students English in my spare time.
    Others: I am a sunshine young man in my dailylife, I like watch TV and care about news in the world. I like chlallenge in my job to try my best in the company and I want to serve for others.

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    My name is Simon. I am from Shanghai.

    These sentences are very short and unlikelyto get someone to give youa job. I don't see the need for this information. I can read your name at the end of the letter and work out where youlive fromyour resume. You should start by telling me why you are writing to me.

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