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    uprising = sunrise, getting up, upland, increase, promotion, resurrection

    Dear techers,

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me your choice of interpretation of the word in bold in the following sentence from an intertaiment news?

    U.S. filmmaker Michael Moore says he plans make his new documentary "Slacker Uprising" available as a free download on the Internet this month.

    In my opinion the meaning of the word in question is very ambiguous.

    rising (n)

    1. A sometimes limited popular revolt against a constituted government or its policies; a rebellion.
    2. The act or an instance of rising or rising up.

    There are also a few other meanings as: sunrise, getting up, upland, increase, promotion, resurrection.
    Thank you for your efforts.

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    Re: uprising = sunrise, getting up, upland, increase, promotion, resurrect

    It goes back to a previous comment I made - context governs the interpretation.

    This filmmaker is known for his contentious films, so the likelihood is that his intention is a pun between revolt and surge, since what he is doing in this film is to attempt to persuade young people to vote.


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