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    I have a problem in analysing short story. Help me !

    I’m Vietnamese student . I have problem in analysing short story.

    Please help me analyze the story “Tell me a story”

    1/ Characters : opposing- forces
    2/ Complication
    3/ Climax
    4/ Solution
    5/ Theme

    I look forward to getting your help soon !

    Thanks in advance !

    "Tell me a Story!" by Rabindranath Tagore

    As soon as the child learns to speak, he says: "Tell me a story."
    Grandmother begins: "Once upon a time, a prince and his friend, the minister's son-----"
    She is stopped by the schoolmaster, who says: "Three times four make twelve."
    Well-wishers go on dinning in the child's ears: "Three times four make twelve; this is a fact, while the prince is fiction; therefore-----"
    It fails to impress the child, for his mind has flown away to an unmapped land where the prince has killed a demon; and no arithmetic has the wings to fly there.
    The well-wishers shake their heads and say: "Spoilt, absolutely spoilt; the rod is the only remedy."
    Grandmother has been put to silence by the schoolmaster. But one story-teller takes the place of another. There is no end to them. The well-wishers repeat in vain: "Those stories are not recorded in history. They are false."
    From primary to higher school, from school to college, the attempt goes on to reform the boy; but nothing can stop his demand: "Tell me a story."

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    Re: I have a problem in analysing short story. Help me !

    Welcome to the forums.

    We expect people to make some attempt at doing their assignments. We can then comment on what they have done or written. Also, as we are all volunteers, please be patient. Someone will answer when they have the time.

    As to analysis: take each point in turn, go through the story and find where there are bits that seem to fit the point. #1 Characters - who are the characters in this story?

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