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Thread: Tripping

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    Dear friends and Teachers,

    1. I'm so mad, I saw this perfect prom dress made by Christian Dior and my mom won't let me buy it. It's only $1259 , why is she tripping?

    - What does "tripping" mean in this context?

    Thanks a million!


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    Exclamation Re: Tripping


    There, you're warned.

    Anyway, the term "tripping" makes reference to the usage of LSD, which was known in the Sixties as "a trip". Sometimes, the LSD induced very intense hallucinations, which triggered paranoid episodes in the user.

    This definition in the quotidian lexicon is used when the person referred to as "tripping" is acting as if under the influence of drugs, in a disorganized manner, overreacting to the situation, and generally speaking, "completely pissed off."

    What Da

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