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    Smile phrasal verb COME

    Hi, Please, Could you match this phrasal verbs.

    1. Come across
    2. Come off
    3. Come up
    4. Come round
    5. Come up against
    6. Come up with
    7. Come out
    8. Come in for

    a. visit (somebody) at home
    b. find by chance
    c. receive (praise or critisim)
    d. succeed
    e. get uncovered
    f. get mentioned
    g. encounter (somethinf difficult)
    h. suggest

    I did the following ...

    3e (I'm not sure)
    4 I don't know the answer
    6 I don't know the answer
    7f (I'm not sure)

    Thanks in advance for your help !!!

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    Re: phrasal verb COME

    Hi, *not a teacher*, but fairly certain it is:

    1. Come across -find by chance
    2. Come off -succeed
    3. Come up -get mentioned
    4. Come round -visit (somebody) at home
    5. Come up against -encounter (something difficult)
    6. Come up with - suggest
    7. Come out -get uncovered
    8. Come in for -receive (praise or critisim) Never really heard this one used, but it's the only one left over, so I suppose it has to be that...

    hope that helps.

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